Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Bruce hiking and nesting

Nicola and I had set last weekend for Bruce Trail hiking. Due to "circumstances beyond our control" it would be the first one of the season. I drove the trailer up to Guelph Lake Conservation Area on Friday afternoon and had supper with Nic at her place.

Nicola had finished recovering my dinette cushions in a brighter fabric (they were beige and brown before, rather bland). The "day bed" was completed with a couple of body pillows and a couple of throw cushions. I didn't realize there was writing on the pillow slips when I bought them but I am OK with them saying "#Happy Place" as it is now a very comfy place to hang out with windows all around.
Saturday morning, after Starbucks, of course, we headed out to hike the section of the Bruce we had chosen. The hardest part of this hiking project is always, finding the parking spots. We left one car on 4th Line, near Georgetown,
and started the hike at Pear Tree Parking Lot, just west of Hwy 25 on 15 side road.
We had to walk about 1/2km on the road and then it was into the bush.
Although not too hot it was a bit muggy and very buggy (the insect repellent we ordered from the States to deter ticks worked very well on mosquitoes too). The trail was quite overgrown in places, with this vine
and tons of tiny, delicious, wild raspberries. We had a difficult time keeping up a good pace due to our tendency to snack on them until the bugs drove us on.
The trail was very rocky and rough though pretty flat.
There was no sense of being on the escarpment on this section, just woodland.
We took a couple of hours to hike about 6km and felt great about getting back to hiking and the Bruce project. We drove into Georgetown to have lunch and ended up in an "Irish Pub" on the main street. This got us talking about our upcoming trip to Ireland but I'm really not sure that we ate "Irish fare" as we had Irish Nachos (same as regular Nachos but served over kettle style potato chips instead of nachos) and a beet and goat cheese salad.
Mural in Georgetown
We lived close to Georgetown, growing up, and it had really changed. Quote from Nicola; "Who knew Georgetown could be cool" as we drank lattes at a coffee bar/hair salon, open to the street with bistro tables.

I have discovered how to draw on my photos, you may get sick of this while I experiment.
Saturday night we ate at the Baker Street Station Restaurant. It had a balcony and a porch area for outside seating but as we had not booked far enough ahead we were inside.
Dave and I shared the battered and fried Brie on a cranberry jelly.

I had this cauliflower dish (cooked al dente then deep fried so the outside was crusty, then covered with delicious stuff). Dave had chicken wings and Nicola had fish and slaw. The restaurant had a great atmosphere and some innovative dishes. The kind of place you could go back to again and again without replicating your meal.

Sunday we awoke to rain and after a few text messages back and forth decided we weren't that committed to hiking in miserable weather. Plan B was "nesting". We spent the day hanging pictures at Nicola and Dave's new house and continuing to make my trailer more "homey".
Nicola made me a curtain for the trailer door as it is the only window without a blind, right next to the bed.
We attached it with velcro.
We attached a coffee table leg to the bottom of the dinette table as it had a tendency to tip when using it as a bed.
Plastic baskets at the end keep the cushions from sliding and will be useful to keep shoes and other cumbersome items in.
Monday morning there were still showers around. After helping Nicola put together a cabinet for the basement, we hitched up the trailer, struggling again with the sway bar.

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