Saturday, 14 July 2018

Las Vegas - art hunt continued

The Aria was beautiful with touches of opulence everywhere.
This table and flowers was so gorgeous I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.
Roses, glads, orchids in abundance
I probably took 25 shots, all different angles.
Chris insisted on the occasional selfie. I hate them but kept this one, the least awful of the lot.
One of the bars was walled by metallic cards.
The interior designers are artists too.
This was in an alcove with an "Employees Only" sign.

Cakes displayed at the patisserie.

Chris says there is a list of the good luck charms located in the various hotels. Rubbing this buddha's belly is one. He has a US $1 in his mouth. We rubbed his belly.

The walls of this Japanese restaurant were made of twine strung in different ways.
In one of the lobbies (not even sure which hotel we were in at this point as they are linked by bridges and walkways). This is HOTO by Tatsuo Miyajima
Covered in coloured LED counters cycling between 1 and 9.
On the other side of the lobby Chris noticed this public art installation or is it just a trolley of stanchions (According to Chris; a study in the order and chaos of humanity and how we relate to each other, subtitled "the need to Queque")
This mass of canoes and aluminum boats is one of my favorite pieces.

The Edge by Nancy Rubins. One of the reviews I read thought it should be called The Crash.
The Vdara hotel was the most luxurious yet and here we saw this little robot, painted like a puppy, with an LED display that said he was making a delivery.
Across another bridge and down escalators and we were in The Bellagio. This is a small section of the pool area.
Part of the largest chocolate fountain in the world by Jean-Phillipe Maury
We had come to the Bellagio to see the Conservatory and the fountains. Although there is a fine art gallery here we decided we didn't need to pay to see art as it was everywhere.
The floral arrangements here change regularly.
The current theme is Summer Picnic in Italy. This table cloth and plates is created using seeds.
The swans move
The floors are mosaic.
A picture made of flower petals.
In the lobby the ceiling was created by the glass artist, Chihuly.

Walking outside we just caught the tail end of the Fountain display.

Tired and still full from lunch we returned to the hotel room and just "chilled", literally as the air conditioning was very welcome.

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