Friday, 13 July 2018

Las Vegas - Brilliant

Following our tour of the Neon Museum we waited for about half an hour as the sun set, for the start of Brilliant.

Lights were coming on

The Brilliant show is an extra option available after the Museum tour (for an added fee)

We walked into another area, surrounded by Neon signs.
It was explained that although the signs would look as if they are working, the illusion was created by laser projection.
Two posts in the centre of the space projected light, very precisely, to make the signs look as they would have when they were operational.

There was a video talking about the vast array of glittering lights on the strip and then, one by one the signs came to life.

Accompanied by performances by stars associated with Vegas (Sinatra, Liberace etc) the signs flickered and flashed and sometimes video was projected on to them.

The signs really did look as if they were working and a couple of small children attending, started to dance to the music. Over the mountains there was a thunderstorm and the lightning was a bit of natural competition.

I am putting some pictures in the post in case the videos don't work well.

Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience
but felt a little sad at the end when we noticed the O'Sheas sign. George, Cyndy, Jim and I had come to Vegas about 22 years ago, for Cyndy's birthday, and had played $2  blackjack at O'Sheas in the afternoons. Ever frugal, it was George's favorite place to play.
We were very tired by the end and took a taxi home.

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