Tuesday, 19 February 2013

California - Balboa Park

Kathy, Bruce, George and I did spend the day together at Balboa Park. It is a huge park and is the location for the famous San Diego Zoo. Kathy and Bruce went to the zoo another day but George and I decided, with limited time available, to see other things.

Link: http://www.balboapark.org/

The park is about 1200 acres and has many museums, galleries and gardens. We went to the tourist information centre, got a map and started wandering. First to an art gallery where I fell in love with a Georgia O'Keefe painting and may have to rug hook it in the future.

White Trumpet Flower by Georgia O'Keefe
Next we spent some time in the greenhouse (hardly a name that does it justice)

The greenhouse was just one of the many buildings in the Park. Most were built for a World Fair or Exposition, so are ornate and impressive.

There are also beautiful gardens throughout the park and a number of specific ones. The rose garden has a huge collection of, you guessed it, roses, of every colour imaginable.

 Right next to it is the cactus garden and I have never seen such a huge variety of cacti, all shapes and sizes.

There were also a number of wild creatures to be seen, small ones;

And large ones;

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