Sunday, 17 February 2013

California - The Midway

In San Diego we spent a day aboard the aircraft carrier Midway. We literally spent the day and still did not see everything. It was a pretty crummy day weather-wise but fine for walking around the ship and observing the busy harbour.

The carrier is docked right at the downtown wharf, next to where the cruise ships come in.

The flight deck was covered with planes and helicopters and there were more below on the hanger deck. Some you could climb in to.

The inside workings of the ship were also open for viewing, from the operations rooms and flight crew ready rooms to sleeping quarters and mess rooms for officers and enlisted. It was fascinating to see the menus and recipes for a ship with a crew of 4500.

Everywhere there were people to describe how things worked or to give some history. Most were veterans who had served on the Midway.

In the busy harbour we watched civilian and military craft and a small boat with people training a dolphin. We were told it was being taught to check the bottom of ships for bombs and that dolphins were already being used to do that in other ports. 

We stayed til sunset.

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