Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Long Point - Winter freeze and a cat for company

The last few days have been extreme all over the continent and here at the Point too. Minus 18 and winds of more than 70km an hour have me feeling like I am living in an icy, screaming, whirlpool of snow and sand. It has been drifting in long snakes and strange dunes but the good news is that the wind actually blew all the snow out of one side of the driveway. Made shovelling much easier.
Now we are back to sun and although it is still pretty crispy outside, its a beautiful white world.
Long morning shadows
Photographers are drawn to the strange landscape. I would love to see how much better their
pictures are with the equipment that they bring.
For the last 6 weeks or so I have borrowed Christine's cat, Two (named for the number of lives she has already used up as she was found as a very small stray kitten on a busy highway. Also she is Christine's second cat). It has been comforting to have her sleep on the bed, touch my nose with hers in the morning, cuddle and purr until she starts demanding that I get up by batting at me with her paws. Her morning ritual is to run like a mad thing all over the house and then demand breakfast. She does the crazy rushing about at about 11pm too (who knows what gets into their little heads). In between she gets into things she knows shes not supposed to (behind the computer, under the bed, in the closet, on the mantelpiece), sleeps on the back of the couch or the chair and generally demands attention.
Very curious about the grandfather clock pendulum.
Two believes that she is more important than any old book, even Dance with Dragons. In fact she's
 more important than a computer, phone, tablet, newspaper, rug hooking, just about anything that I
could be doing that is not stroking her!
I am taking her back to Toronto this week and will miss her company. I suspect I may end up fostering a cat. Its nice to have something in the house to blame the strange noises on and to talk to. Hopefully I wont become a "crazy cat lady", as Christine fears.

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