Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A day at the Edmonton Zoo

I have been sick with Avery's cold since I got back from Edmonton, so this post is a week and a half late.
We took Avery and Maya to the Edmonton Zoo. Actually, they are really too young to appreciate it, we took ourselves to the Zoo and the kids came along for the ride.
Aimee only recently learned that Edmonton had a zoo, and they have lived there for years.
Just inside the gates and you can see the otters from beneath the water
and above.
There were attendants out and about with the animals so we could get up close and ask questions.
Looking at this you might think that Avery wanted to get closer to check out the turtle. You would be wrong, he just wanted to pick up the grass and throw it in the air, his current obsession.
He was happy to be able to run around, pick up stones and grass and ,every now and then ,be carried, by Dad, to the next exhibit.
One of my favorites.
And another, love those floppy ears.
I hadn't realized that Mike also has an addiction to information boards, but he was happy to read them and pass it all on to Aimee and I (natural habitat, chance of extinction, number of species etc etc). Makes me laugh because on family outings it was always me reading those things out loud to Chris and Mike.
The zoo has a fabulous collection of Birds of Prey.
I think I just got winked at.
While his partner is nodding off.
The baby mountain goat was finding the climbing a bit tough.
The elephant was out for a walk. Its not until you can get up close and there's no fence or moat between you, that you realize how huge ( and intimidating) they are.
We also saw monkeys, reptiles, nocturnal animals. Its a lovely small zoo, perfect for young children. The animals have lots of space but they are close enough to see and the walk around only takes an hour or two. I have never seen as many animals out of their cages, on leashes or being watched by their keepers, where you can get really close and have an expert at hand. It was very interactive. I look forward to taking the kids when they are older and can get more involved with the experience.
One final wild animal ready to pounce from his lair.

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