Thursday, 12 May 2016

Avery and Maya - Spring 2016

I had promised Christine lots and lots of baby pictures but when I arrived in Edmonton Maya, Aimee and Avery were all sick with horrible coughs (Maya had actually been hospitalized for a few days because of the high fever). In addition Avery is teething and therefor pretty cranky. All in all a lot of cuddling and rocking and not much picture taking, but here's a few.
Maya and Mike, both crashed.
Maya has wild hair, dark, fine, long and out of control after a bath.
Beautiful sunny weather here but a little cool, so; all bundled up in the buggy.
About a block away is a lake to walk around and then cut through a residential area to a Starbucks reward!
Course they don't feed Avery enough, he has to eat stones.
"Would you like one Nana? They're lovely."
"I'm not sure about all this picture taking Nana"
Supper of pasta and sauce was a bit messy, dessert of melon was delicious but really the high point is the Cheerios.
After supper we went to a small local Carnival. The only ride Avery could go one was a slide but he was fascinated by all the colours, lights and sounds.
A little worried as they walked to the top.
Aimee's looking hardcore but Avery is still not sure.
No doubt he enjoyed it!
No qualms at all about the second ride.
Right into it now "What can I do next?"
Only thing left to do is; Pick a Duck
and win a Zombie Smasher.
Now we hope everyone is so exhausted that we will all sleep well.

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