Monday, 9 May 2016

Backus Woods - Dogwood Trail

Last fall when I was "training" for the Inca Trail, I walked on the Backus Woods Trail. Last week I decided to try another loop of the trail as I know I wont want to do it later in the year, when its buggy!
I parked in the lot just off Hwy 24 and walked through the open field. Someone was kind enough to provide walking sticks.
The trees hadn't started to bud yet so the sun actually warmed me up.
At the edge of the woods, where there was a bit more consistent sun, some of the Trillium were open but most, in the woods, were like this - just starting.
I have no idea what these are but they were in full bloom and there were white ones too.
At this time of year, before the trees leaf, there are some small trees that are a mass of little white flowers. I have always wondered what they are and from this information board, learned that they are Flowering Dogwood and are considered an Endangered species.
Flowering Dogwood. I wonder if they would grow in sand.
The Dogwood trail has a lot of intersections and there was a clear map at each decision point. The outside of the loop is just over 2.5km and took me about 45 minutes as I stopped and took photos and listened to birdsong. It is pretty flat, well marked and an easy, short walk.
On the drive home I had to stop and take a picture of this bird who was walking so slowly across the road that I was able to drive past, reverse back, get out of the car and he still had not made it to the other side.
American Woodcock. The bird book says they are common but I certainly haven't seen a lot.

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