Thursday, 5 May 2016

Deerhurst - 2016 OHCG AGM and Rug Show

This years OHCG AGM was held at Deerhurst, near Huntsville.
My "Scroll Sampler", a McGown pattern, was finished and in the show.
So was the Poppy cushion, a Jeannie Field pattern. Rasta was not impressed.
5 of us stayed in a spacious, 3 bedroom, condo ....
overlooking the lake and the golf course.

Although there was still a pile of dirty, melting snow in the parking lot, it was warm enough to sit on the balcony on Saturday afternoon.
Saturday morning I took a workshop, conducted by Carol Shewan, hooking a Van Gogh. She had a slide presentation of some of his works. The scene we were to hook, he had painted 4 times, with slight variations.
Carol had hooked it twice, also with slight variations. This freed me to do my interpretation of the painting rather than try to copy it exactly. The challenge, however, was to try for the same style; broad brush strokes, vibrant swirling colours, impressionistic.
After the workshop it was time to go and see the many rugs on show. I am just going to post, in no particular order, the pieces that caught my eye, just as I do when I go to a museum. Unfortunately the lighting in the display area was not kind to rug hooking and it all looks rather washed out.
The high point of the weekend was that Peggy Peacock's piece, "The fishing rug", took first place in the Original Category. She designed it from a compilation of photos of her father and has been working on it for as long as I have known her, 20+ years. It is magnificent. Later, she also won the Rowan Award, voted on by the membership - a great honour.

This was one of my favorites. It is called Grumpy and was hooked by someone with the last name of Martel (my photo of the names list was too blurry to make the full name out but I couldn't resist posting the picture anyway - sorry)
This also won a ribbon. Tessellated Oak Leaves hooked by Maureen McIlwain
Best Pictorial. Three Wolves, an adaptation hooked by Gina Coleman
The winner in the Oriental Category was Karen Kaiser
This is a detail from Japanese Mosaic hooked by Susan Grant
I love this. You can feel her emotion before you even read the title. "I want to go home" hooked by Debbie Harris.
Big Sheep, hooked by Rosemary Malone.
Yellow House, hooked by Isabelle Rollin
I think this is Mina Mina by Elaine Copeman (another blurry photo).
Woman Rising hooked by Sandy England.
A selection of Mug Rugs in the Port Union display.
The last rug that I am picturing from the show appealed for the subject matter and title as much as the design and craftsmanship.
Frequent Flyers hooked by Liz Edwards.
An enjoyable show, workshop, accommodation, food, but mostly a great time with friends and the joy of seeing Peggy's hard work and tenacity pay off.
After an afternoon of hooking, after the workshop, this is the current status of my Van Gogh.

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