Monday, 16 May 2016

More Avery and Maya

Days start early and end late here but in between there's lots of activity: changing, feeding, rocking etc etc.
Maya has a very expressive little face both awake and asleep.
A little more decorum when she is all dressed up ready to go out.
We have made a couple of trips to the local park. I forgot my camera the first time but I don't think I would have had time for pictures anyway as Avery just runs from one piece of equipment to the next, with me in hot pursuit.
His first love is the swing
and his second is picking up dead grass and throwing it.
On the way home, past the lake, a little birding.
After a suggestion from Brit, I looked at images of Mergansers on the internet and think he is a Red Breasted.
Messy toddler food pairing - BBQ short ribs and cantaloupe.
Avery can show you where his nose is though
sometimes it takes 2 fingers to find it.
Checking out the menu at Brewsters, where Daddy works.
Avery's selection included some nachos with hot artichoke and crab dip, fries (both ordinary and sweet potato), chicken, fish, coleslaw and
he did taste test the red crayon.
Aimee and I tried the Sample Tray. I don't usually like beer but the River City Raspberry Ale was quite lovely. Aimee preferred the 52nd St Peach Ale. Avery liked the orange slice.

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