Monday, 10 April 2017

Long Point Causeway walk

I drive the Causeway all the time and just have the chance for quick glances at the Bay and the marsh to see the bird life. Today I decided to walk the causeway and try and get pictures of the abundant water fowl resting here on their way to their summer homes. My little camera doesn't take great bird pictures especially when they are far away on the water but I have been able to crop some of the photos so the birds are identifiable (using my Peterson birdbook)
I think that is a male Bufflehead in the foreground and I am assuming the rest of them are females.
Ring neck duck, male and female.
Sounds rude but these are Ruddy ducks, the blue bill gives them away.
There were rafts of these 3 species out on the bay, hundreds but not the thousands that I have seen when I have driven over in the last few weeks. There were also grackles, starlings, swallows and a turkey vulture that was attacked by smaller birds wherever he flew.
I saw this strange looking bird on a cottage lawn
I think it is a Robin but it has a lot of white that is not normal for a Robin. On looking it up I found out that there are albino Robins and this is a partial albino.
Old shed abandoned in the marsh.
I walked on the bay side as far as the bridge and then turned and came back on the marsh side of the road. This is the only time of year that I would do this, even so I frequently stepped off the road onto the (thin) shoulder as cars don't have much room to move over. I hope when the Causeway road is redone that there will be allowance made for walking and cycling.
Canada Geese nesting
Lots of Red Winged Blackbirds in the reeds. In the spring their coloured, red and yellow, shoulders are very obvious.
Some appear to be red and white.
Maybe they have an albino version too.
I could hear the Sandhill Cranes
but they were very well camouflaged in the old reeds and phragmites.
I spotted 2 pairs.

I went up the marsh viewing platform. Pity the new washrooms weren't open!
From up there I could see a nesting pair of swans
and these, I think they are American Coots.
Great views of the marsh.
I walked on the Bay side again to get back to the car and saw these male and female Greater Scaup.
Nowhere near as good exercise as the hikes I did in Mallorca but it did feel good to be out walking again.

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