Thursday, 27 April 2017

Walking and rug hooking

Aimee came for a visit and we tried to find another entrance to Bachus Woods. We found an entrance that we thought was right, but it turned out to be a logging road into one of the county woodlots.
It was still a nice place to walk but the "path" was rather rutted and muddy.
Life was starting to make its way up through the old leaves and the logging debris.
Fiddleheads, but we weren't sure if they were edible.
Tiny little wildflowers
in a multitude
of colours.
Luckily we were in there before it got buggy. Pretty soon the black flies and mosquitoes will keep us out. Then we will walk there again in the fall.
Speaking of colours, this beauty was on my birdfeeder today.
I am assuming it is an Indigo Bunting and although they are listed as "common" in my bird book, I have never seen one before.
My last couple of days have been spent frantically working on two hooked pieces for the OHCG Annual, this weekend. They are finally done.
"Fall" which is a Honey Bee Hive pattern and my Show and Tell project for the McGown teacher training.
"Anticipation" which is my own design using the alternative techniques taught by Brit for last years program at JJs.
Stay tuned for a post about the OHCG Annual which, this year, is in Cobourg.

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  1. I really like Anticipation! (Also, I have never seen an Indigo Bunting either, screw you 'common' listing in the Bird Book.)