Friday, 14 February 2014

Palm Springs - Living Colour

Winter in southern Ontario, especially this year, is an array of white (snow), grey(snow and clouds) and beige(sand) that I thought I would share some of the Palm Springs colour.
The last of Rick and Eve's lemons. We are resisting picking it, as it is so beautiful on the tree.
The tree is already in blossom, ready to start producing the next seasons harvest.
There are mature fruit trees in the yards around Rick and Eve's but they had to plant young trees when they re-landscaped and so will have to wait a few years before getting a really bountiful harvest.
They planted a number of flowering, drought  resistant shrubs.
There are often hummingbirds feeding from this one. It looks like honeysuckle to me.
As Eve is currently napping I can't ask her the name of this one.
Bougainvillea is everywhere. 
Anita has delayed her departure for a few days so we decided to write down all the things we have been talking about doing and prioritizing those that she would like to do. We have too many possibilities for the time remaining especially as we plan to have some lazy days too.
Eve and I took an hour and a half yoga class this morning that left us feeling wonderful but a little jelly like. Tonight we are planning on going to a polo game and I will take the camera and hope to have some pictures for tomorrows blog post.
The president is supposed to be in Palm Springs this weekend and there will be road closures because of this. We are not sure how much that will curtail our activities. There have been a lot of helicopters around but so far no sighting of Air Force One.

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