Friday, 21 February 2014

Palm Springs - Two Bunch Palms Spa, Desert Hot Springs

We went to the Thursday night market in downtown Palm Springs, again, last night. This time with intention. I was returning to buy some ear rings that I had seen last week. Eve wanted a scarf that, when soaked in water, keeps you cool for hours. We both were in search of some good guacamole. Eve's last before flying home on Saturday.
Eve's marguerita, my red wine and great guacamole, at Casuelas Nuevo. I have to
confess that with a plate of refried beans, this was dinner.
Today we got up early and were at Two Bunch Palms Spa, in Desert Hot Springs by 8:45. We purchased a day pass which included the days scheduled events, lunch and a treatment. We were just in time for an hour long yoga class in the yoga dome, a circular thatched building. From that we went up to the bar for the juicing class, where a nutritionist discussed the healing benefits of various ingredients to juice. We also had a delicious juice she had made from beets, carrots, celery, lemon and parsley. After that we changed into our bathing suits and went to the grotto.
The grotto is central to the spa as it is where the hot mineral water is pumped into a free form pool. One pool is hotter than the other. Both are divine.
The grotto. This part of the pool is about 99 degrees, the one round the corner is about 102.
This is the view as you float in the warm mineral water, pool noodles provided. I don't
need a noodle to float, something about my fat content.
With my ears under water, floating restfully, I could only hear the tinkling of the waterfalls trickling into the pool and the in and out of my breath. It was so relaxing. We spent about an hour and a half in and out of the water and lounging.
Next we went for lunch in the newly renovated restaurant with a fabulous view across the valley. I had an avocado and asparagus salad and Eve a lentil and beet burger with a side of sweet potato fries. I was too distracted by the food to take pictures except for the bread and oil and vinegar which looked like a work of art.
It not only looks good, it was good!
Following lunch we went down to the spa for the treatment we had chosen. We were met by 2 women who took us to the mud bath area. We stepped into the hut and recoiled in disgust. In front of us were 2 cement baths full of the most disgusting looking, and smelling, hot peat moss. We alternated between laughing and gagging as we were taught how to get in and cover ourselves with this disgusting concoction. The muck felt like being supported in warm jello. The consistency however was rough, more like manure (and smelled like that too). The front wall of the hut was opened up so we had a lovely view of the trees and to let some fresh air in! We were disgusted again as we maneuvered ourselves out of the slop, half an hour later, and showered off in the next room. Note: there are no pictures of this. We tried but I think the camera refused, and I don't blame it (the shutter wouldn't work while it was holding its nose).
Next we were taken into another hut, laid on a nice bed, rubbed with Arnica oil, wrapped in warm blankets and given a bit of a neck and foot massage. It made up for the mud. We felt relaxed and our skin smooth as we spent another hour or so at the grotto and wandering the grounds.
Two Bunch Palms is one of the older spas and has lovely mature grounds with large palm and tamarisk trees, ponds and waterfalls, hammocks by the pond and a labyrinth.
Rumour has it this is where Al Capone hid out.
Late in the afternoon we left and returned home for Eve to complete her packing.

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