Saturday, 22 February 2014

Palm Springs - the neighbourhood and Eve flies home.

Eve left today, to be home in time for Anna`s funeral. We spent the morning tidying and making sure the house is ready for the next people to stay here. Even though I am going to be here for another few days there were some logistics to be thought out. We also took Bentley for a last walk around the neighbourhood.
Rick and Eve`s place is in a gated community, around 10 years old. The houses, like most in the Palm Springs area, are all single story. Some back on to a man made lake. They are all required to have a consistent look, in keeping with the community.
Eve and Bentley in the foreground. The San Jacinto mountains in the background, that we can see from
their backyard. It is a great neighbourhood to walk around.
There are common areas where anyone can sit and enjoy the view of the lake and the mountains.
Some people have small boats, pedal boats and kayaks to use on the lake.
Each of these areas has a waterfall going into the lake, some grass, a place to sit,
 trees, shrubs and some flowerbeds. At this point they are planted with poppies,
pansies, snap dragons and other annuals.
After a quick lunch I drove Eve and Bentley to the airport. My first time driving her car which made me a little nervous. After dropping them off I negotiated a grocery store for some supplies to last me `til I leave and went in search of a fan for one of the bedrooms. Well its not the season for fans. I tried 3 stores. I figured Walmart would be the best bet but they had a huge display of heaters and another full row of fireplace logs. Even though it is in the 70s and 80s here, its still winter, and fans wont come in until April. I`ll keep looking, it gives me an excuse to  go into stores, but I am not particularly optimistic at this point.

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