Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Baja California - La Paz, home day

I don't know if it was too much sun yesterday or the lovely lunch but today was a day to stay close to home!
I went for a short walk in the neighbourhood and then high tailed it (or low tailed it) back to the house. The area around the house is like the one George and I stayed in, in Merida. Mixed.
There are gated communities with uniform, neat and tidy townhouses.
There are big beautiful houses with ornate entrances, lush courtyards and expensive cars.
There are also small, sparse homes with older faded cars and uninhabited buildings that are falling down  with broken windows. Intermixed in between are automobile repair shops, little variety stores (in the front room of a house) and food carts. It's certainly not a boring place to walk around.

On my walks I have picked up a few English publications:
They appear to be aimed at ex-pats and tourists.
There is tons of advertising; restaurants and real estate. Maps of the different communities. But also some interesting articles; film and art festivals, information about Mexican culture, politics and current reality, flora and fauna, history of the area and Mexican cooking.
I am supposed to swim with the Whale Sharks tomorrow so hopefully I'll be feeling better. (Don't think there's a bathroom on the boat).

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