Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Considering our first hike on the Bruce

For my birthday, Nicola sent me a map of the Bruce Trail. In various places on the internet it is referred to as being 885-890 kilometers long. It is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada.
Last Sundays hike, of 7.5km in 3hrs, is marked on it now. We are already gearing up for the next hike.
We did some things right:
  • we had lots of water and snacks
  • we started the hike in good time
  • we were aware of the weather forecast for the day
  • we both had our phones with us
  • we had small back packs
  • we had a first aid kit
  • we had hiking poles
  • we both had elastic ankle braces with us
  • we had, and used, sunscreen and bug spray
  • Nicola had light weight, "wicking" clothing
  • we had a map, written description and compass
  • we had toilet paper (don't ask)
  • we had identification with us
  • I had a rain poncho
We need to improve on some things:
  • I need some light weight, "wicking" clothing 
  • we both need some kind of head band to stop sunscreen, bug spray, sweat stinging our eyes
  • we should have hats in case the trail is out in the open
  • we need to learn how to use a compass
  • we should have the map in a waterproof covering
  • I need to get a camelback to hold water (my backpack has a place for one already) 
  • we should have cash with us
  • a spare pair of socks (suggestion from Heather)
  • we need to make sure we have the keys to the car at the end location, with us, not in the car at the beginning location (yep after all that careful planning, we had to call a taxi to go back to the start)
I'm sure as we do more of the trail we will refine the lists and hopefully not be too loaded up.
Here's a couple of cat pictures just to round out the blog post and because Rasta has not been featured prominently, lately.
Just hanging out in the laundry hamper

Giving his furry seal of approval to the partially hooked footstool cover.

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