Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Early summer rug hooking weekend.

The group that I have rug hooked with for decades (makes me feel old to say that), plus a few new additions, got together at the beach again last weekend for rug hooking, knitting, eating, drinking,  and chatting.
These "midges" (as Heather called them) made sitting outside difficult. They didn't bite but there were so many that they were a constant annoyance.
We did periodically put up with them outside, as the weather was beautiful, but we needed the little glass covers to protect our wine.

Rasta enjoying Pat's knitting. He only occasionally made a nuisance of himself but he has grown up with bags of yarn, baskets of wool, frames and hoops.
Pat was working on this knitted bag. She didn't bring a hooking project as she was only able to come for 1 of the days.
Every project ends up with leftovers that get added to "the stash". Brit was hooking a rug she designed to use up some of those leftovers.
Brit also quilts so this quilt block sampler incorporates both hobbies.
Pam was working on an abstract floral
designed by Carla Kumer.
I'm not sure if the rug that Lynn designed was supposed to be cell phones but she is hooking them as cell phones. Another project to use up leftovers. It's so nice not to have to buy wool for a project.
Peggy spent the weekend knitting. She bought her finished floral pillow but I neglected to take a picture of it. She said she might call it "Not the fish rug" .
Another "stash buster" rug. This one was Heather's. After hooking the letters all in one colour she then pulled pieces from a large basket of leftover "worms".
I also used leftover strips to make these. They will wrap around baskets
like this.

I'm making examples for a class I will teach at Apps this year.
We did manage to walk on the beach, sit on the deck, watch a yoga class on the beach, shop in Port Rowan, eat before our stomachs had time to recover from the last meal and admire and advise on each others projects.
Rasta overseeing it all. Photo by Brit.

A hazy full moon on Saturday night.
A snow goose? Tundra Swan? Mute Swan?
Sunday's wind bought the kite boarders and blew away the bugs
so we were able to watch the entertainment from the deck.

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