Saturday, 3 June 2017

Hook-in at Martina's 2017

Last year J.J. Ruggers went to Martina Lesar's for a Saturday hook-in and it looks like it will become an annual event, as we were there again this weekend.
We were greeted by Otis, a very affectionate young Burma Doodle.
There were about 16 of us.
Most opted to sit on the patio, under the umbrellas, beside Martina's log studio and store.
Some, "the sunshine hookers" chose the lawn.
We were there to hook and Sue was working on her pictorial of her grandchildren.
Leslie, on a William Morris sampler and
Pam, on a wide cut floral using wool and sari silk. I put backing on the bird mats.
We bought our lunches with us (except I forgot mine and had to rely on the generosity of others - thanks Pat) and there was no shortage of sweet treats.
When we needed a break from hooking we could wander Martina's lovely property.
Her studio
Her spring gardens

Her fields, defined by split rail fences and stone walls.

Her ancient horse and her "chatty" chickens. (Photo by Brit)
And then, of course, there was always shopping:
There was more sari silk this year.
It was so luscious I decided I had to try it
and bought some. It may go in Maya's rug.
Its very difficult to resist
even the regular wool.
Birthday cookies for Leslie, courtesy of Brit.
For the second year in a row we were gifted with a perfect sunny day to hook, with friends, in a perfect location.

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