Friday, 30 June 2017

Congratulations Caleidoscope

The sailboat that I crew on competed in the annual Lake Erie Interclub race. I have posted on this race in previous years. It is an exhilarating and exhausting experience and, given the weather, I am glad I missed it this year.

All photos are by Steve Lefneski

The Interclub takes place over 5 days and not everyone can commit to the whole time, so crews usually have a core and then others who join for different races.
This is a photo of Sequence, another Port Dover boat. It was a very windy and wavy Interclub this year with stormy weather.
Sequence again. Dark stormy sky and its never good when the lake gets that sickly green. Boats from Erie, Port Dover, Port Colborne and Buffalo compete.
There are at least 2 wooden boats that compete. This may be Dreamer.
Caleidoscope posted the following results
Erie to Port Dover - 3rd
Long Point Bay - 3rd
Port Dover to Port Colborne - 2nd
Port Colborne to Point Abino - 3rd
Point Abino course - 3rd
Which put her 2nd overall in her division. Congratulations to all!

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