Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Creativity in Pakenham; the bicycle cake

Heather is a baker. For a while she had a business making and selling cupcakes but now just occasionally makes special order cakes. This one had been ordered for this week.
The request was for a cake to match the birthday present - a bicycle. First we had to find appropriately sized pans for the wheels and then Heather drew the rest of the design.

Although the order was not being picked up until Monday, she started on Saturday, making the fondant.
Melted marshmallows and icing sugar, kneaded together until
it could be rolled out. She also tested the icing and we discovered she needed more icing sugar (Uncle Neil came through) and red food dye as the ready made coloured icing looked more like pink than the required red, for the tires.
the chocolate cake was made,
baked, cooled
and the fondant rolled out again
Now the fun part could begin; the decorating. The rectangular cake was cut to accommodate the wheels, the whole thing was covered in a thin layer of icing
cut to shape and encased in fondant.
Heather drew the design on with an edible marker and then proceeded to ice the cake.
Ready to be slid into a cake box and wrapped in a bow.

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