Thursday, 14 September 2017

Honey Harbour - Bears, chairs and sunset

On one of our walks on the mainland, Aimee and I walked up to Honey Harbour Rd and down it to "Chain Reaction".

We spoke to Kelvin Cadeau, the chainsaw artist, and he said that he can always sell bears

He has different sized chainsaws for the carving and finishes off the details with a dremmel.
He does carve things other than bears; a beaver bench,

honey bees,
and a bald eagle (a customers special request)
But he said that the bears are by far the most popular (Aimee and Greg have 3 of his carvings)
One waiting patiently in the workshop

with his bear posse.
Luckily the pair of bitterns had already been sold. I had scared up a bittern a couple of times in Aimee and Greg's pond and we watched one fishing in a marsh.
I don't want you to think it's all "beer and skittles" here, this is the before picture
and the after picture. I was told I had "pansy" hands as I got a blister from my screwdriver use.
Nope not "beer and skittles" or "wine and roses" it was actually "champagne and pretzels" to celebrate finishing the chairs.

A couple of evenings we have walked across the island to Mary and Al's deck (they have closed up and gone home) to watch the sunset.
So quiet that we could hear them talking across the water.

A glass of wine and the fabulous colours
offset the mosquitoes (even though they are quite small, they are still around at sunset)
until only the colour in the clouds is left.
I have also been binge reading Nora Roberts

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  1. Love the Honey Harbour area. We have a cottage in South Bay.