Sunday, 14 February 2016

Spain 2016 - Isla Canela marsh path loop

Driving out from taking pictures of the bridge, yesterday, we saw 2 of these. We believe they were Red Legged Partridges.
Yesterday afternoon I went for a bike ride but it was really windy and biking into a headwind is no fun, so I rode the bike to the marsh path and walked around one loop. It was more for the walk than for the birds but I did see a few birds on the way.
Grey Herons are usually at the waters edge but this one was about 6 foot above the river. Maybe just taking a break from fishing and enjoying a windy Saturday afternoon.

The path follows a small river that empties into the river flowing beside Isla Christina
 It follows that river for a while with old Salinas on the other side. It was windy enough for white caps on the river.
The Salinas were used to harvest salt but now are great places to see wading birds.
I though he was a gull when I saw him fly because he is about as big as a black backed gull, but he's a Curlew.
Two Common Gulls hunkered down out of the wind.
Thistles and dandelions, they seem to grow everywhere.
The tide was out, exposing a shipwreck.
I looked across one of the Salinas and saw a large whit bird. It was too far away for my little binoculars or the zoom on the camera but as I walked the last side of the loop he had moved and I was able to get some pictures and identify him.
A solitary White Stork,

 Today was a relaxing, no driving day. We walked across to Punta del Moral for coffee and to go to the grocery store. The wind nearly blew Mum away as we walked back across the causeway.
This egret was hunched down to stay below the wind.

It was still blowing strong when we went to the beach bar, for a drink, this afternoon but on the deck, in the sun, it was nice and warm.

Mum loved this white wine at the beach bar, Sonrisa, but the waiter said we couldn't buy it in the supermarket. Oh well.
Palm tree blowing in the wind.
We saw rainbows off and on all day. Sun, rain alternating.

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  1. I was about to comment about how 'bird heavy' your posts were becoming, but then you had a picture of stork and all was forgiven. They are massive, I can believe that they could bring babies.