Saturday, 6 February 2016

Spain 2016 - points East

We packed a lunch and headed of Isla Canela to Ayamonte and then East along the coast. We drove for 20 minutes to get to Isla Christina which is just across the river from us. Its quite a large town but not particularly attractive.  It has a huge commercial fishing area as all the fishing boats I saw the other day on my walk were heading into those docks.
Each community we drove through had a slightly different feel depending on when they had been developed. Some built 30 to 50 years ago had square apartment blocks about 6 stories high with metal balconies, ugly. Some had small single story houses spread along the beaches and for a couple of blocks back. Some had new developments with golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts and a nod to Spanish and Moorish architecture. Long sand beaches are the commonality.
Houses right on the beach., near La Antilla.
Its Saturday and lots of people were fishing off the beaches.
We stopped in El Rompido and had coffee at this beach bar on what we took to be a river, but it turned out to be on the inside of a barrier island

Boats pulled up on the beach.
The cook walked out with a bin of fish garbage. As soon as he appeared he was surrounded  by the gulls. Must be a regular occurrence.
Lighthouse, El Farro, marking the port.
Heading out for a Saturday afternoon sail.
We ate our picnic lunch overlooking small sail boats zipping along in a good breeze.
The weather forecast had said "occasional showers" and every now and then it would cloud over but we never got rain and it was lovely every time we stopped to walk or look at something. We drove as far as Punta Umbria as Dad was hoping to figure out how to access a marsh there to go birdwatching. We saw storks and flamingos as we drove by but didn't find how to get to them.
Back through Lepe and stopped at a huge Carrefour  supermarket. The only thing we have not been able to find is Fish Sauce for a couple of Thai recipes we like to make but even at Carrefour, no fish sauce, in fact a just very small International section with some Mexican and some Indian food.
Back onto Isla Canela and I saw lots of kites in the air and checked out the beach. Kite city, reminded me of home.
There were about 12 kites in the air and at least another 40 on the beach.
Carrefour had a Offerra Special of 6 cakes for 5 Euro. I tried to buy 3 but that was still 5 Euro so we ended up with 6 cakes! So sad.
Tonight's dessert; one of the cakes, cut in 3 with strawberries.

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