Monday, 8 February 2016

Spain 2016 - Tavira, Portugal

It was rather a grey day so we decided to drive to Tavira in Portugal, a town that Mum and Dad have stayed in 3 different times. We took country roads rather than the motorway and it took about 40 minutes. Dad was driving and remembered the way into town but then we got caught up in a lot of one way streets and drove out of town along the river to have our picnic lunch.
There were flamingos in the salt flats and Mum and I took a quick look.
There were flamingo families in this flock. It appears that the young have black wings and no hint of pink yet.

A Black Winged Stilt, we think, although it doesn't have the red legs that it should have.

We drove back into town and, after winding our way through some narrow streets, found a parking spot within striking distance of the river.
The old market building now houses restaurants and souvenir shops. We had coffee in the cafe with the white umbrellas. George, Christine and I visited Mum and Dad on one occasion that they were here and I remember having coffee here. There is a modern new market building not far away.
When we were here we used to go to an Internet Cafe on the other side of the river for morning coffee because the sun was on that bank of the river in the morning. Those were the days when we used their computers to check and send e-mails rather than the personal tablets and netbooks that we have now. Christine also rented a motor scooter (vespa) for a half a day and we had fun riding that around and out to the beach.
The stone arched bridge is Roman and only used for pedestrians now.
Coming at this time of year means that things are less than perfect as winter maintenance has not been completed yet. The place by the bridge needs a coat of paint and there is scaffolding on the clock tower. On that hill there is also a "castle" which is just a walled garden now.
It is harder to drive into the city centre than it used to be but the town is still hopping with tourists and townspeople. English is spoken everywhere.
Pretty bandshell in the park by the river..
surrounded by fountains, koi and turtles.
There are a few, colourful fishing boats moored at the wharf beside the river but its not a fishing town like the ones we are currently staying near.
I drive home with a quick stop at the Mercadona (grocery store) for essentials (like wine and shrimp).

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  1. Awww, the babies haven't had enough shrimp to turn them pink yet! I enjoyed Travira so much, it all looks so familiar.