Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Spain 2016 - taking the bike back.

Today I had to take the bike back so rode from Isla Canela Marina to Campo de Golf. I figure it is about 10 km on a flat bike path. Some of it is by the ocean and some across marshland.
It wasn't nearly as windy as it has been and was a lovely ride.
It took me about 35 minutes and after I returned the bike key, Mum and Dad were just pulling up in the car. They were there to see if I wanted to go into town with them but I opted to walk home.
There is a place where water goes under the road and I stopped to look for birds. A Black Winged Stilt. I just read in the bird book that it has the longest legs relative to body length of any of the world's birds (there's a bit of trivia for you)
I'm used to seeing these at the Port Dover harbour or the pond in downtown Simcoe, a Mallard
We have been here more than 2 weeks and this is the first time I have seen something other than a fishing boat go out.
It was about 1pm when I stopped for coffee at a chiringuito (beach bar) and I decided I didn't want to wait 'til I got home to eat. So I also ordered lunch.
The menu was in Spanish, English and Dutch. I was lazy and ordered in English - omelette and chips.
I didn't eat alone. There was a flock of sparrows who sat on the other chairs at the table and the floor around. I had to shoo them off the table. I think they would have shared the plate with me given half a chance.

Really can't complain about the view on this walk.
It was difficult to get a picture of him in the bushes beside the trail but he's a Stonechat.
While I was trying to contact Chris by cell phone a cat started milling around me and meowing. How appropriate as she is such a cat lover
His colleague was just soaking up the sun.
Such pretty markings.
I was going to cut across the parking lot to the apartment building but decided to walk right to the end and watch the fishing boats come in.
There are wrought iron benches to sit on. Not comfy, your not supposed to sit for long.
While I was there this guy, in full wetsuit and snorkel gear slipped into the water, with a harpoon gun. I wonder if he got anything.

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