Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Spain 2016 - Seville by train

Nicola and I set the alarm for 5:30 a.m. and were on the road by 5:50. That's why this will probably be a short post tonight (too tired to do the complete day) We drove for about and hour and 15min to La Palma de Condado, parked the car and caught the 7:30a.m. train into Seville.
It was dark and foggy when we got on the train.
We had been worried that it might be a commuter train and packed but it wasn't and we had no problem getting seats and they even reclined. 11 Euro return.
The modern train had announcements and a digital screen that told us the time, next stop, temperature and speed (125 km per hour) We arrived in Seville (Santa Juste station) by 8:30.
Our main concern had been how to get to Seville and aside from some minimal internet research re what to do while there, we were totally unprepared. We were bad tourists. We didn't even know where the attractions were in comparison to the train station or how to get there. I was just counting on a tourist bureau or asking someone. Well we asked someone and were no further ahead and the tourist office was closed. We went out to the buses and tried to figure it out and luckily when we went back in, the tourist office had opened. Map and directions in hand we headed back to the buses and caught the #21 and got of at Plaza Jerez.

Stepped off the bus and this was the first building we saw.
Covered in statues.
Next, this ornate building that turned out to be a hotel.
I had eaten a banana on the train and had a coffee at the train station but we needed breakfast. The bar we went into provided the coffee and ham sliced off the bone while we watched. I had mine on a toasted bun with tomato. Nicola had hers straight.
We decided to do the" hop on hop off" bus to get the lay of the land. 18 Euro for the red bus and we walked down to the river to catch it.
It was cool on the top deck but really you have to be up there.
We were given ear phones and had commentary in English but I'm not sure I can identify all the pictures I took. Seville seems most proud of two world expos held in the last 100 years. The oldest one, 1920s I think, had some beautiful buildings remaining in mature gardens and most of them seem to be in use by academic or arts organizations. The other more modern area is looking rather unkempt and run down and was supposed to promote technology.
Torre del Oro. Was part of the cities fortifications, now a naval museum near the river.
I think I'm going to quit for tonight and continue blogging about Seville tomorrow. Too tired

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  1. So early!! Also, I can't believe that the hop-on-hop-off bus was more than the train to get there. That train looked awesome! Busy day for you two, glad you had fun.