Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Spain 2016 - Seville continued

We were up early again today to take Nicky to Faro to fly home. Sad, for her, because she had fun and has to go back to work, for me because I had fun and have lost my "playmate". But I have to admit that I am a little tired and napped on the way back from the airport.
So the pictures of Seville, yesterday, will be continued. When I left off we had just started out on the bus;
We drove past many ornate buildings all made more exotic, to my Canadian eyes, by the presence of palm trees.

We drove around Parque de Maria Luisa, the site of the 1929 "Fair of the Americas". Countries constructed their exhibition buildings in styles that represented their history but also often reflected 1920s Art Deco styles. It makes for some interesting combinations. The fair was not the hoped for success due to the Stock Market crash. They are surrounded by a lovely, mature park and I can imagine that it is a great respite from the heat in the summer.
I think this was a church in the Triana district. This is on the other side of the river from the centre of town and used to be linked with a bridge made of boats.
We crossed the river a number of times on the bus. Seville used to be a large port but now it seems the river is used mostly for tour boats and competitive rowing training.
This is the top of a modern bridge built as part of Expo 92. There were supposed to be 2 matching bridges but only one was completed. Expo 92 left the city with a huge debt and financial scandals. Seems to be a bit of a theme in Seville.

Just a random building we drove by. It reminded me of the day Aimee and I just walked, in Barcelona, and took pictures of beautiful buildings.
The city was walled and there are a couple of entrance gates left.
The beautiful bullring building.
After just over a hour on the bus we wandered through the streets, heading back towards the Cathedral, still finding beautiful buildings to take pictures of.
We were in need of a coffee, again, but by now the fog had cleared and is was warming up. We sat outside for this one.
If you get off the main streets its a bit of a rabbit warren; narrow and convoluted. So much fun to explore as long as you have a good sense of direction.
They'll find a chimney to nest on anywhere.
Totally oblivious to the city below.
The Cathedral is massive. It is impossible to capture it in a single photograph.
The line up at the entrance was quite long so we decided to give priority to the Alcazar and do the Cathedral if we had time later.
I'm sure this dome is probably magnificent inside.

So many twiddles.
The area around the Cathedral and between the Cathedral and the Reales Alcazares is mostly pedestrian but we did have to watch out for the street car line, bicycle lanes and the masses of horse drawn carriages.
We waited in line for about 10 minutes at the Alcazar (palace) entrance. The sign said that admittance was capped at 750 people but luckily the numbers were not an issue this day. I took so many pictures that the palace will be the subject of my nest post.

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