Friday, 12 February 2016

Spain 2016 - random pictures and Chicken Livers

I went into town, Ayamonte, alone today, to do some shopping and just wander. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. I must be getting too relaxed. I found some things that I want to take pictures of but I have another 6 weeks so I think there is plenty of time to get them. I found free parking, had a lovely meander through the streets, found a cell phone store with a kind English speaking clerk (I may actually be able to use Christine's old phone in Spain, I will keep you abreast of this as it has been an ongoing struggle to get affordable cell phone use while in Europe), found the bull ring (Dad thinks we may be here for a bullfight. I am of 2 minds about this; on one side I hate the tormenting of the bulls, eventual death and the injury of the horses, couldn't care less about the human injury that's their choice, on the other hand its the chance to see something that may soon disappear, "a cultural event", I hope Dad is wrong and I wont have to decide whether to attend), I found the Casa Grande ( and will go back and take pictures to post). A trip to the market, Mercadona (super market) and bus station (no one in the info booth to help with questions about going to Seville) rounded out the trip.

We have consumed a few bottles of Spanish wine.
We have been buying our wine at the Mercadona and Carrefour. They stock cheap, primarily Spanish wine. Dad's philosophy is that he has chosen the wine that is on "special" for the week and that there are not many bottles left of (therefor popular). This has resulted in red wine anywhere from $2 to $4 (yep $s and all have been good). It is usually a Rioja but sometimes a Ribera del Duero. The $2 one was an accident and although it certainly wasn't the best wine I have had it was still quite satisfactory. He also accidentally (?) bought a $5 bottle and wow, it was delicious. Mum is finding it a little more difficult as she drinks a Pinot Grigio at home and has yet to find a white that suits.

Because of my lack of current pictures I am going to post a couple that I haven't had room for (feeling that my posts were getting pretty long):

Portugal is known for its fanciful chimneys but these are actually in Punta del Moral.
Also taken in Punta del Moral. Its not unusual to see painted tiles depicting the Virgin Mary next to the front door of homes.
This is the grocery store that we can see, across the harbour, from our terrace. We can tell whether it is open or not although we now know its hours of operation (siesta is from 2pm to 5pm). Its quite small but has an amazing array of products. The little tiny fishing village also has another grocery store, a number of restaurant/bars, at least one hardware store, a clothing store and a bank machine (!).
More painted tile, next to the bridge in Tavira. I wonder what the dragon is about.

Both Mum and I have found that we get in a rut in regards to cooking at home but somehow when we are away and working together in the kitchen we get more creative. We see things in the grocery store and want to try them. Last time in the Mercadona we saw chicken livers and Mum remembered a recipe she used to make. We had it tonight:
Chicken livers in yogurt.
1/2 Onion chopped
1/2 Red Pepper chopped
1 large mushroom chopped
3 cloves of garlic chopped
Fried in olive oil.
Add Chicken Livers, chicken stock, a little tomatoe paste
Cook livers thoroughly, turning frequently.
Add glug of white wine
Simmer until almost dry then add 1/2 small container of yogurt and mix thoroughly.
We had this with cauliflower but it would be good over pasta.

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