Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Spain 2016 - Nicky arrives.

We got up early and checked Nicola's flight and found that she had been delayed. Good, able to have a second cup of coffee after breakfast. We drove back to Faro finding that it took about an hour. We just had time to get a coffee in the terminal and Nicky arrived (with just carry on). Stopped for a quick trip to the market and another coffee in Ayamonte and then home for lunch.
After lunch Nicola and I went for a walk as she wanted to see the beach.
Tides out, huge expanse of sand.
Weird little starfish thing on the beach. We saw a few of them. They weren't moving.
Sand poop? According to its the castings of a lugworm. You wouldn't believe some of the sites I got when typing in "sandy poop".
Off the beach and across the causeway to Punta del Moral for a glass of wine in the sun.
Love the colours of the fishing boats rafted at the wharf.
Different symbols on the bow of each.

I've been getting a bit of flack from my daughter about the blog being a bit "bird centric" these days. There's not much else here to focus on and its one of the reasons Mum and Dad like the place. So Nicky said she would assist in finding other things to see and do. Then, as we parked near the water, she said "Oh is that a cormorant?" and then "Shit, it's happening to me too!".

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