Sunday, 27 March 2016

Spain 2016 - Easter Sunday, Domingo de Resurreccion

After I attended the procession last Sunday we figured out how Dad could manage the one today. I dropped Mum and Dad near Plaza de Laguna and then parked. We were early enough for coffee in the main square (even though we had forgotten until this morning that there had been a time change overnight). Luckily there seemed to be some flexibility on the 10:30 start time.
Forming up beside the church. I didn't take photos at the church, wanting to get different shots this time.
While waiting Mum and I went into the City Hall and looked at the display there
of robes, banners, historical posters
and in the centre, the painting that this years poster is based in.
Just as last week, the procession started to form up, on the street in front of the church, well before things started. Then the church bells rang and then the band started up.
Coming down the street in front of the church towards the square.

Just before entering the square the Paso stopped and was set down. There seemed to be a lot of discussion, a lot of "toing and froing" by people in robes. A lot of consultation with the guys under the Paso. While that was all going on there was the opportunity to relight candles that had blown out
and get the thurible (I had to look it up) smoking again.
I was able to get a good look at the lovely lace and silver pins on the Mantilla being worn by the women in the procession.
After about 15 minutes of everyone standing around something was resolved and the supervisor of the Paso (wearing a black suit and walking beside it) used this brass knocker on the front to knock 3 times. He then waited a moment knocked it once and the Paso was lifted up and resumed its way into the square.
It stopped again in front of City Hall, this time to swap out some of the men carrying it.
The headgear of the carriers is worn almost covering their eyes.
Guess he didn't get the memo about the white pants.
Last Sunday most of the participants carried palm fronds, this Sunday there was more variety; wooden crosses, silver sticks, small candles or 4 foot candles.
Mum should have some great shots, standing on the tile bench.
Are we done yet, huh? huh?
The Paso carrying Christ was making its way out of the square, followed closely by the band.
We were just getting ready to head out of the square towards the place where we would see the end of the procession, and get another cup of coffee, when we heard another band start up. I went back towards the church in time to see..
a second Paso coming.
This one swayed a little as it moved and at times the carriers were making it do a little dance in time to the band. Mary got the "A" team.
Beautiful flowers,
crisp, white cloth with gold tassels and beads
over an ornate silver frame.
Mary clothed in lace and jewelry
and a long white cloak.
Followed by the band filling the air with music and providing the rhythm for the guys carrying the Paso.
When the band had passed we walked down to Plaza Rosario and had a coffee in the sun waiting for the procession to get there. We could hear both the bands every now and then as they wound their way through the narrow streets.
I went up to the spot I had watched from last week but they were stopped again.
These 2 headed down the street. Mum and I thought "washroom break" or perhaps trying to get to the front without squeezing past the Paso in the narrow streets.

Finally hunger overcame us and we went into the same restaurant as I went to last week and had an excellent lunch of raciones and tapas. We could hear the bands still playing while we ate. The restaurant was starting to fill and when we came out everyone was just leaving the square where the stage was set up.
We were able to watch Mary heading back to the church.

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