Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spain 2016 - Slow News Day

We were all feeling a little pooped from yesterdays excursions and opted for a relaxing day today. When we had visited the tidal mill near Ayamonte a few days ago we were informed there was a craft fair there today.
When we were last here the tide was going out and the water rushing through the sluice gates under the building, today the tide was coming in, pushing through the wooden gates into the mill pond area.
I was hoping for some artisnal local crafts but it was more like a church bazaar; knitting, jewelry, wooden chairs. However there were some hand painted shells and scarves and a woman whose paintings of flamenco dancers had lovely movement.
Old mill stones next to the pathway that Mum and I took back into Ayamonte (Dad drove around and met us)
After lunch Mum and I set out walking in different directions to try and get closer to our resident flock of flamingos. Every morning we go out on to the terrace to check where they are. But we haven't been able to get close enough to them to get a good picture.
I walked along in front of the hotels. The Iberostar is not currently open.
Pushed through this "path".
Managed to get this shot, with them all with their backs to me. I think they have found a spot on the marshes where people can't bother them.
From walking along in front of the hotels I then cut back to the beach pathway and walked back, along the river outlet and past the yacht club area. Announcements were being made over the loudspeakers and I noticed that the area was much busier than usual. Peaking through the fence I saw kids (about 8 to 10 yrs old) rolling up sails, lifting little boats onto dollies and generally tidying up sailing stuff.
Little Optimist sailboats being stacked onto trailers.
I believe these were the little boats we saw out racing yesterday when we sat at Sonrisa.
Outside the Marina offices, ready for the presentations.
I went on the Isla Canela Nautical Schoolwebsite and yes there was a regatta this weekend. They probably get to keep the trophy but have to give back the cup.
They have about 5 different boats to learn on including Lasers and 2 Sun 2000, Jenneau, keel boats.
And on the big screen TV in the club house:
Wind Guru.
Coincidentally I received the Draft Minutes of the Port Dover Yacht Club AGM today. Gets me thinking about the sailing season.
The trailers can take nine boats and a zodiac and I saw three trailers so my estimate of about 30 boats probably wasn't that far off.
Seen in the marina. Glad we don't have these in Lake Erie.
We got an e-mail for Nicola today talking about a white wine sauce with chicken so I made chicken cordon bleu with a white wine sauce (actually we also used some of Dad's fino). We have had balsamic reduction in a number of restaurants and as we have more balsamic vinegar than we can use while we are here I decided to try this.
The recipe I read on the internet advised using a frying pan as it gives a lot of area for evaporation and its easier to tell if its burning. I put about 3/4 cup of balsamic vinegar into a small frying pan and simmered it for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, to check the status. It reduced by about 1/2 and cooled into a nice syrup. We had it on a tomato and egg starter. It would be nice as a glaze on meat or a dribble on fruit and ice cream and its dead easy!

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