Monday, 19 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - the end of niece week

It's hard to decide when to pack at the end of a holiday. I like to leave it as late as I can while still being able to deal with the worry that I may have bought too much and will have problems getting it all in. So, for me, its packing on the last day before I fly. For Heather it was 2 days before (I don't want to think about going home that far in advance, feels like it is cutting the trip short) and for Sarah it was during the last day and for Fi it was during the last evening (that's a little too close to comfort for me, I am probably closer to Sarah's timing)
Liz had invited the girls over to see her place and pick avocados and oranges.
Sarah in the avocado tree. The fruit stay green on the tree until they are picked and then take 10 days to 2 weeks to go dark and softly edible (I hope I get to eat the 4 they picked)
Liz and Martin are developing their garden

and the orange tree was pretty small but yielded its last 6 oranges which the girls had, juiced, for their final breakfast, the next day.
we had decided on "take out" Chinese for dinner and went in search of the menu and then home.
I didn't want to be part of the packing, talking about going back to school, watching Big Bang Theory or the general messiness of the last day, so went for a walk. This is one of the small fishing boats - rubber boots and a bag of oranges!
Huge new power boat next to Mowrenna (notice she is a little naked)
Her boom and other spars are laid out, sanded and gleaming with new varnish.
It's Sunday, all the fishing vessels are in.
Later I went out, dropped our order at the Chinese restaurant
and walked the front, waiting for it to be prepared. This is Asgaard Pub. The girls had debated returning here for a last game of pool but decided instead to take turns showering and playing cards for the last night.
The sun was going down,
cloud reflections and
and an angle where I could just get both lighthouses, in silhouette.
We ate Chinese, played Skip Bo(I bought it with me) and Uno(which was here) and were in bed by 10pm. Sarah's alarm went off at 3:15am and mine at 3:30am. They were up dressed, suitcases out with time for B&B (Breakfast and Braid- Heather's) and Pierre showed up at 3:50.
At the airport by 4:40am for a 6:30am flight. Well done!!! (and looking way too perky). They had downloaded the Iberia and Air Canada Apps on their cells and were checked in on line with boarding passes on their phones. "So modern" according to Pierre.
Their flight was on the board and there they go.
I waved them goodbye and went back out of the terminal to return in the taxi. I thought I was too wired to go back to sleep so I had 2 cups of coffee then returned to bed, fully dressed, and slept for 2 hours (after I knew they had caught the plane).
Ironically today was beautiful, sunny and 16 degrees until these clouds came rolling in (at about 2pm) and we got torrential downpours. I heard from their parents that the girls made their flights OK and were safely home.

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