Thursday, 1 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - new camera

I spent the evening on the internet looking for camera stores. None in Port or Soller but a few in Palma. I found a couple I could walk to from the Palma bus station so Tuesday morning I took the bus into Palma. Out of the bus station and straight to the tourist office next door for a map, recommendations and directions.
First I went to El Corte Ingles, a huge department store. The electronics were on the 5th floor! I looked at what they had, showed a clerk my defunct Nikon camera and he recommended a Nikon for 160 Euro. I thanked him and searched through a maze of narrow streets to find the specialty camera store recommended on line and by the tourist office. The clerk looked at my camera and shook his head. Nikon didn't make that anymore. He had the one recommended by the department store (for the same price) but pointed out the ways that it was not as good as my old one; it was literally a "point and shoot", no zoom, the menu was on the screen not a dial (meant I would have to put my glasses on to change the setting) etc - He was good.
I had paid about $150 for my Nikon. I had tested 2 other cameras for a week each before settling on it. I ended up buying a Lumix (Panasonic) that was bulkier and heavier but it had a dial, a large screen, a better zoom and more options than my old one (panoramic, sport mode, some shutter and aperture control). 220 Euro, about $350!!! I hope I like it.
That taken care of I walked down to the Cathedral in the drizzle, saw that they were already setting up for the local holiday festivities (in 2 days time), walked back up to the bus station and came home.

On the left, my old one, in the box, my new one. The plug to charge it will need a converter when I get home, its the European style.
It was cold and rainy on Wednesday but when it broke, in the afternoon, I took the camera out for a test drive. It will take some getting used to and there are no English instructions - Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Greek but not English.
The 20X zoom is pretty impressive
these shots were taken from the beach
on a dull day. My old camera only had a 12X zoom.
The boat I showed in an earlier post, lying on its side, is now upright.
Reacts quite well, on auto,
in poor light.
I think I will have fun with the panoramic option.
Its got to be able to take food shots. I stopped for wine so I could test it.....
A good size glass of Mallorcan wine, with a little bowl of crunchy snacks, with a view of the beach 2.80 Euro, less than $5.
Back home, from the terrace, I could see there were 2 groups of bocce players
She looks pretty pleased with that shot.

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