Monday, 12 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - walk to Soller, shopping and tram.

The girls slept until about 9:30 in spite of an alarm, set for 8, by Sarah, that Heather got out of bed to turn off twice.
I popped out and got croissant and empainadas for breakfast and we had fresh squeezed orange juice.

We had planned to walk up to the lighthouse but as it was very windy we opted for walking into Soller instead. Fi through an olive tree. Photo by Heather.

They kept up a much faster pace than I usually do.

As we were walking along we heard this plaintive, little "baaaa". The girls had to investigate.
He was very young, umbilical cord still hanging
and there was no mother in sight (or sound)

It was hard to walk away from him as he kept giving these pitiful little cries, nuzzling the grass but not really eating and looking lost, but we scrambled back up on to the path, hoping he wouldn't follow us and his Mum would find him soon.
Had to have some juice and while we were there the lady came and refilled the jug, very little English but so friendly and smiling. Sarah helped her anchor the umbrella, which threatened to fly away when she put it up - "gracias, gracias"
We couldn't pass the ceramic store

as Heather was in the mood to shop
She bought a mug

and I bought a plant pot to hang on the porch (its going to be a real pain to bring back)
So hard to resist the egg cups (even though I don't use egg cups!)
and the birds, just so much vivid colour.
We ate a selection of tapas in the square in Soller. I think Heather's favorite was the russian salad, Sarah liked the dates wrapped in bacon, Fiona was game for it all. Nothing was left. They also loved the pan y aioli, none of that left either.
We spent a bit of time on the shopping street, Carrer de Lluna, and although everyone found something to buy, it was pretty sparse, either shops were shut because it was Monday or because it was 1pm.
We had to run to catch the 2pm tram as it trundled and hooted down the street behind us.
Coming out of Soller
and into Port de Soller.
Next stop was a major grocery shopping expedition as the girls have said they will help with cooking and have found recipes for tonight. Heather wants to bake so it was a challenge to find all purpose flour and baking powder. Not things the average tourist asks for.
Sarah made an excellent dinner; chicken pesto pasta with flan for dessert. Fiona and Heather cleaned up while I made the picnic for tomorrows outing - taxi tour with Pierre.
Quotes of the day - while trying to figure out what day it was, what time it was back home and where a day went Fiona; "We basically time traveled yesterday." Again Fiona, in response to one of Heather's ideas for a dessert; "Nutella is NOT a glaze, its found in the snack aisle".

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