Saturday, 10 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - Orange Festival Market.

Friday was gorgeous - blue sky, sunny, 19 degrees, a light breeze. I decided it was a home day. I did a load of laundry and hung it out on clothes lines in the garden and then sun bathed on the terrace.
I did a sketch while sitting on the terrace and later remembered to take a picture of it. I gave it to Liz.
Saturday was not only market day in Soller but also the first market day of the Orange Festival (which runs all month)
Crates of oranges and lemons everywhere.
Even in the fountain
Displays of different varieties.
All kinds of orange based sweets
and savories
and gallons of fresh squeezed juice.
I had a slice of one of these; light, moist, orange sponge topped with a rather tart orange slice which was tempered with a sweet glaze. (I'm salivating just remembering it)
There was a cooking demonstration (orange in the ingredients) going on in front of the town hall.
I bought my vegetables and then my local honey here
and met Liz at Bar Turismo. It was Tony, the proprieter's, birthday (60th) so everyone's first drink was free. I gather this is a Spanish tradition the person whose birthday it is buys the drinks. The inside was wall to wall people (all Spanish, no tourists)
and the tram had to keep blowing its horn to get through the crowd outside. I wished Tony Happy Birthday and got a coffee with brandy for free.
Liz and I sat there for about an hour and I met a number of her Spanish and English friends. Every now and then one of us would go and do a little shopping while the others held the table (it was valuable real estate)
Tony was even serving orange drinks.
We caught the 2 O'clock tram back, put away our purchases and settled in to watch the Six Nations Rugby match between Scotland and Ireland. Liz is Scottish and passionate about her rugby.
Terrible selfie but I wanted to show that we were wearing Scottish rugby shirts.
We sat in Casa Nicole, the apartment below mine, and although we shouted a lot, Scotland lost.
Sarah, Fiona and Heather arrive tomorrow so the evening is going to be spent with some cleaning and some tidying in preparation.

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