Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - sun and finishing touches on Villa Nicole

For the first time, this year, I have been following the Volvo Ocean Race. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, with a favorite boat (Turn the Tide on Plastic) and love the coverage and elements of the race and website. I check in to the boats locations, blog and updates in the morning when I check my e-mails and then watch the daily video update in the evening when I go online to do my blog. Last night there was an announcement that one of the sailors had been swept overboard. Tragic. Sailing! What most of us do as a hobby (mind you not on those kinds of boats or in those kinds of conditions). It really bought it home to me that at that level this is not just a sport, not just my entertainment, but an extremely dangerous occupation. I was sad and sorry going to bed and checking in again this morning, sad and sorry still, as they have now given up on finding him.

I walked down to Tramuntana Tours this morning to pay for my Archdukes Trail walk. Now I can't bail on it tomorrow. Every web site I have looked at rates it as challenging.
A Llaut, newly painted and shiny, being relaunched.
Approaching Easter the Port is getting busier and busier. People pour off the tram or out of tour buses often lead by a guide with an umbrella and a headset and microphone.

The restaurants are upping their game and all are open now.
Though from the look of these signs not all the residents are happy about it.
I sat on a low wall, in the sun, and sketched the church doors.

Unusual barred windows
and ornate brass knobs
and lock.
I spent the afternoon on the terrace, in my bathing suit, with a book and then popped downstairs to see how Liz was doing putting the final touches on Villa Nicole before taking her advertising pictures and welcoming guests tomorrow.
The new patio, with the sun loungers out, from the wall at the top of the garden.
These pictures were taken at 4:30 when the garden was in shade. In the summer it will be in full sun most of the day.
Except for this spot under the lemon tree.
There's a small seating area outside the door, that can be covered by an awning. A herb garden is just in front of the steps up to the garden
and that gate goes out into the street.
An outside eating area can seat 8 even though the apartment only accommodates 4.
Martin mentioned that the BBQ was looking a bit stained
It was my suggestion to paint it so I ended up with a paintbrush in my hand
and while I was at it
painted the new cupboard for the outside frig.
The doves who came to visit seemed to approve. At least their "cooing" sounded like  approval.

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