Sunday, 18 March 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - shopping!

Saturday, of course, we went into Soller to the market, on the tram.
We started at one end of the market, which happened to be a stall
selling all kinds of candy. They also prepared nougat and candied nuts over a flame and sold it in big chunks. The girls resisted but then we bought cookies and a seafood empinada at the next booth.
We went into the market building and there were vendors there letting us taste cheese and hams. Heather couldn't walk past the fish stall so had to go out another door.
At the market Heather bought a dark blue scarf with silver feathers embossed on it, to go with a grey sweater she bought earlier. Sarah bought ear rings and a necklace.
We took a break from the market and went up the pedestrian shopping street. These are the shoes Sarah fell in love with but however much she wanted them, they still didn't have her size.
Heather bought a Vespa ornament and a bracelet. Fi bought some ceramic egg cups and a t-shirt, Sarah got a t-shirt, from the Soller stores. I think we went in every store!
We then walked the rest of the market, up to the train station.
We all loved this huge dog
who would actually bounce, back paws off the ground, when another dog came by and woof with in his deep voice.
Tapas from Cafe Soller. On the right Sarah is the carb queen, Heather buckled to "Aunt pressure" and had some vegetable, Fi, always adventurous included octopus in her selections. Note that the pan y aioli is all gone.
Back to Port for dessert; Orange Soller (fresh orange juice, 2 scoops of orange ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a dribble of chocolate sauce)
The hotel next door had the original phone exchange in the lobby.
Liz had offered to pay the girls to do some more gravel moving, but left it up to them if they wanted to help her. They saw some things they wanted to buy so opted to. Worked for an hour and a half, in the occasional drizzle, moving all this gravel up to the patio and filling two wheel barrows.
50 Euros each, richer - Sarah and Heather both bought leather wallets (designed in Mallorca) that were as soft as butter and Fiona bought a pair of Vans shoes she had been eyeing (in Canada) and found cheaper here.
Quote of the day; Heather "I never knew I could love a wallet", also Heather (yesterday) "we did have exercise today, we went out to buy cheese".

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  1. Can I leave my job here and come work for Liz? I think she pays better than the BIA.