Friday, 16 February 2018

Barcelona, Spain - Catalan protest and Pinchos

This shot is from yesterday. In between cleaning and generally preparing for Nicola and Dave's arrival and packing for my trip to Barcelona with Eve, I sat on the terrace, reading. It was sunny and warm and everything you could want for a day in February.
I had a couple of hours this morning to have breakfast with Nic and Dave, give them some info about the house and take a quick walk around to give them the lay of the land. There was no wind this morning and the smoke from various garden and orchard fires was just drifting, trapped in the bay.
While waiting at my gate at the airport I got a call from Eve that her flight from Paris was delayed. We agreed to connect again when we both got to Barcelona. Then my flight was delayed. I had just turned my phone back on, in Barcelona, after landing an hour and a half late, when Eve called to say she had also just landed in Barcelona. After all that we met up just as we had originally planned to. I left |Eve napping in the hotel while taking a quick walk to reacquaint myself with the barri gottic as she had been traveling for 20 hours, from Kenya.
Then we walked up to Placa Catalunya to the tourist info office and booked a Gaudi tour for Saturday and inquired about a Flamenca show.
Next stop; a glass of wine in Placa Rieal, as it got dark.
Walking off Las Ramblas, looking for a place to eat, we stumbled upon a Catalan protest. There are still political prisoners, who support Catalan independence, being held by the Spanish government.

It was very peaceful and many of the participants were wearing yellow ribbons and
carrying Catalan flags.
We couldn't proceed down that street, took a side street, and found a great little pinchos restaurant.
The deal was 4 pinchos, a glass of wine and dessert (creme catalan or hot chocolate mousse) for 10 Euro (about $16)
It was a great deal. I had; quails egg on tomato, battered shrimp on grilled red pepper, deep fried goat cheese and a chorizo sausage. They were all served on a slice of baguette with various sauces or toppings.
Walking back to the hotel we came across this night market of local products in front of a church.
Back lighting the honey is brilliant.
We wandered into the church as there was music and speeches going on but you were supposed to pay and it was packed. This is Eve looking at the display of giant statues that are used in parades. I saw some last year in Palma.
This picture, using the flash was what the market looked like from the church
but this one, without the flash and therefor a slower shutter speed, allows you to see the ornate building behind it.
We were home by 9 and ready for bed. Have to be up to Placa Cataluna tomorrow morning by 9am for our tour. So; now for something completely different - style gone stupid........
It may look sleek and stylish but this toilet is just not comfortable!!! We are not shaped like that!

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