Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - walk to the lighthouse.

There were showers again in the forecast. I gather Mallorca needs the rain but I would be happy if it was interspersed with some sunny, dry days. I have a raincoat so set off to the South lighthouse.
Some pretty impressive clouds, moving fast, but the mountains around the Soller valley make forecasting when it will rain, difficult.
Clouds hide the top of the mountains behind the south beach.
Fishing boat heading in past the north lighthouse.
A brave soul kayaking in the harbour.
Looking down at the north lighthouse,
up at the south one.
and back at Port de Soller.
The inclement weather made for some strong surf, crashing on the rocks, sometimes sounding like thunder (or there may actually have been thunder in those clouds)

When I got to the top I was pleased to find the refugi open; for the use of its toilets,
the warmth of the fire burning in the main room
and the friendliness of its resident cats. This one jumped up so I didn't have to lean down to stroke it, so considerate. He then purred loudly so I wouldn't stop.
After my coffee reward
I decided to walk back the way I had come, on the road, rather than risk wet rocks, by going down on the walking trail.
Back down in the bay a snowy egret was fishing. The group of birds I took pictures of last year are still here; the Egret, Muscovy ducks, Mallards and the lone Canada goose.
The rain held off 'til just after I got home and then it poured!

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