Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Barcelona, Spain - Palau Guell and Flamenco.

We felt we needed more than just a croissant and a coffee so found this little shop with seating in the back, were we had quiche and salad.
There was a constant line up of people to sit in the few tables at the back and to buy at the counter.
Sheep cup cakes.

We were heading down to the Columbus Column, at the bottom of the Ramblas, to go to the tourist office there, when I noticed the house that Aimee and I had gone to, Palua Guell. Well, after yesterday, Eve was well and truly "Guidiazed" and asked if I would mind going in to it again.
Because I posted a ton of pictures last time, I will just do a few this time.

All of the furniture and decor were designed by Gaudi and built by a team of artisans to his specifications.
The house is much darker than Casa Bitllo, shutters and wrought iron over the windows and doesn't feel like a comfortable home. It was a collaboration between Gaudi and Guell and was Guidi's first major project. Guell was a rich industrialist who was to become a friend and patron to Gaudi and they also worked together on Parc Guell.
In spite of trying to control my picture taking at this location,
I again went crazy with the rooftops ,
the central pinnacle bringing in light and
all the chimneys.

A stall on Las Ramblas selling Catalan independence and flag items. We walked down to the tourist office and bought tickets to a flamenco show.
We had a fabulous lunch, surrounded by locals and tourists having their Sunday lunch.
and walked back to the hotel for our afternoon rest.
Eve in the entrance to Tablao Flamenco Cordobes.
The venue was cramped, low ceilinged, warm and crowded. When the lights went down our first impression was that the singers were not particularly melodic, sounding like a more gutteral "call to prayer". The brochure describes it as "..a lament, a scream, an outcry, a laughter..." I don't remember hearing anything joyous, it all sounded like grief or anger.
We were only permitted to take pictures for the last 10 minutes.
There were 2 female dancers, 1 male dancer,
1 female singer, multiple male singers and
2 guitarists (I love Spanish guitar)

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