Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - walk to Sa Capalleta

With all the rain I have been doing a lot of reading. This was in the bookcase in the apartment and I blew through it in one day. Love Marian Keyes and haven't read one of her books for years. You can hear the Irish in the conversations and she is able to depict anxiety and depression realistically while still making you laugh.
 I also read Barcelona; the Enchantress (in preparation for next weekend) and The Telling Room (about a Spanish cheese maker) on my tablet.

I drove to Sa Capalleta last year and sketched about half of it before getting too cold. This year, with no car, I decided to walk up and finish the sketch.
I bought "Walking Paradise; Soller" which has a  map of walking paths around Soller. This is the path up to Sa Capella.
After taking the tram into Soller the book said "..turn into the second street on the left and follow it to the football field..." I got totally lost in backstreets of Soller but eventually found the football field and got on track.
On the way I found the place they made those gates.
Couldn't really miss this.

Turn off from the main trail

At this point the path leaves the roads
and heads up.
If I needed a gate I would love this one. The view's not bad either.
Again up and up and up.
Looking down at Soller
and across at the mountains.
It wasn't as far as I had thought it was going to be.
From the back
Someone had been in recently - fresh flowers and lit candles, maybe the older couple that I passed as I was coming up.
I settled down in the sun with a towel and jacket to sit on and ate my cheese and lettuce sandwich and
prepared to tackle this fantasy facade.
Even with the padding my bottom got numb and cold and I contemplated quitting before it was finished. But I didn't finish the one last year and, with some wriggling I pushed through.
By the time I had finished the sun had gone in and it was getting chilly
and I was glad to get up, stretch and
head back down. I discovered the way I should have come through town, on the way back. It was much faster.
Back on the tram and realized that I had probably sat and sketched for 2 hours. No wonder I was stiff and cold.

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