Thursday, 22 February 2018

Mallorca, Spain - taxi tour (part 1)

I don't have a car this year so, in order to see more of the island without dealing with multiple buses, we hired Pierre to drive us around for a day. He picked us up at 9am and we headed up, Northeast, into the Tramuntana mountain range.
First stop was Sa Capalleta to show Eve, Nic and Dave the funny little chapel. We then had a quick look at the church next door at the convent.
I think this tile picture may be new but certainly the egg cartons lining the wall (for insulation? acoustics?) were.
Eve, me, Nic, Dave and Pierre at a scenic lookout in the mountains. It was lovely to have Pierre driving, I could actually enjoy the scenery.
There is a hiking trail down this gorge to the sea but it is considered dangerous to do in the winter months.
The next stop was the Lluc monastery, up high in the mountains, in a valley. Remote but protected from the worst of the elements. It was up a road that I hadn't dared to drive on last year.
The church was built in the early 1600s although there was a smaller church there before that.
Its more of a tourist attraction than a religious area now.
Inside the church was dark and traditional.
This is what brings the pilgrims; the black virgin, a statue that has darkened with age.
A complex sun dial on the hill behind.
We walked up a steep path to
the cross at the top of the hill
looking down on the monastery (that's Pierre's car)
and the valley on the other side (the sheep looked like polka dots in the fields)
Its also a hotel.
We were sharing the roads with donkeys, goats and sheep as well as the occasional bus but not as many cyclists as last year. (photo by Nicola as mine was too blurry)

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