Monday, 26 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - finally, a sunny day!

Although still not up to seasonal temperatures (it should be about 16 degrees) it was a least sunny on Saturday so Eve and I went into Soller to go to the market.

On our way to the tram we saw these 3 pigeons taking a bath in the puddle left in a boat cover.
Who wouldn't want to buy their underclothes right out in public?
We bought 2 bags worth of fruit and vegetables at this stall, stocked me up for the week. We picked up what we wanted to buy and then tried to get the attention of one of the 2 staff, to pay. From observation we discovered that the locals technique is to nab one of them and send him around the stall getting what they wanted.
No mistaking it, this is goats milk cheese
and this is sheep milk cheese.

The Saturday market spills out of the market building into the streets around it, up the street the tram follows to the main square
then up another street and into the plaza by the train station.
You can buy hot sauce or the peppers to make your own.
Because Eve was with me we stopped at more clothing and jewelry stalls than usual. I did buy 2 different kinds of olives.
Sunny after so many days of rain and a market day meant that all the restaurants in the main square were packed.
We were lucky to find a sunny table. Eve's chicken and pineapple curry past and my hot tapas (almonds wrapped in serrano ham, shrimp and pea pods, beets and walnuts). Plus wine, bread and alioli.
There aren't the dogs guarding the market stalls like we saw in Ceret, France, but this retriever was guarding a store front. Of course I use the term "guarding" loosely, he'd probably just love you to death.
When we got back our produce stall was nearly packed up
and all the bras and undies were in a van.
We had ordered a roast chicken when we first arrived and picked it up, fresh off the skewer, before getting back on the tram.
Back in Port de Soller and Eve found a very nice travel bag in this store
which also had a classic "guard" dog.

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