Sunday, 4 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - +20,000 steps

The weather forecast indicated, partly sunny, no rain and temperatures between 4 and 10. As it was Saturday I decided to walk into Soller to go to the market, get some tapas, grocery shop at the larger supermarket (Eroski) and take the bus back. "The best laid plans ....."
This is the entrance to Casa Crocodile, my home for 2 months. Liz explained that 2 sisters lived here. One downstairs in Casa Nicole, named after her, and one upstairs in Casa Crocodile, named thus because she talked a lot (had a big mouth).
Its just a 5 minute walk from Casa Crocodile to the start of the Soller path.
The previous days rain had made it a bit mucky.
I was greeted by a mule and
a very pretty horse.
Last year there were 2 men with chainsaws pruning here. The olive trees look very healthy now.
I still love
the "Lord of the Rings" style gates.
The rain has tumbled some of the terraces
and started these little flowers growing, higher than their leaves.
I am not yet nonchalant about the views on this, the shortest of the walks I do.

Coming through the pass I could see that there was snow on most of the surrounding peaks.
Almond trees in bloom
and in sheltered areas, masses of these little yellow flowers.
The table, where last year there was orange juice for walkers, was empty
and a couple of cats on the bench that I used to sit on to drink it. I hope they are just waiting for it to warm up and the path to be more frequently used.
The path goes up through olive groves, through a wooded area, past farms (fincas) and orchards, and then an area of "country property" with well tended gardens and occasion chickens, before it heads into the outer residential areas of Soller.
The Saturday market was in full swing and I bought my vegetables there.
Now that's a good selection of olives. Maybe next week.
I stopped at my favorite restaurant in the square for lunch. Little fried green peppers (Pimientos de Padron), zucchini and ham in a bechamel sauce and almonds wrapped in bacon and a glass of vinto tinto.
Then I walked to the grocery store. The Eroski in Soller is much larger than the options in Port so I stocked up with a bottle of wine, chicken, shrimp, shampoo, lotion etc, etc. I walked the block to the bus stop and discovered I had missed the 1:45 bus by about 5 minutes. Checked the schedule and the next one wouldn't be there until 3:50. Rookie move - check the schedule and remember that it will be less regular on a Saturday!!!
So; wait 2hrs, take a taxi or walk. The nearby bar called me a taxi but they didn't pick up (maybe they don't work for 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon either) so....I walked. I had my backpack full of produce and a bag full of my supplies from the grocery store and I wished I hadn't bought as much.
I walked back to Port de Soller along the road, not as scenic, but flatter.
Not many pictures as I was rather occupied with putting one foot in front of the other and moving my bag back and forward between shoulder.
Luckily a couple overtook me and asked if I needed help. I didn't burden them with my bags but the rest of the walk passed quickly as we talked. They were staying in Soller for a month, from Sweden, on a "working holiday" and said that Mallorca is a "trendy" destination right now for the Swedes. BY the time I got back home I was sweaty (In February) and tired but also invigorated to be out and active again.

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