Monday, 12 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - Carnival in Port

It is raining cats and dogs today so I am going to try and catch up with some posts.
Friday was Carnival in Soller but I didn't go. The weather was iffy and I was feeling lazy. But I did head down to the harbour front on Saturday afternoon when I saw costumed children and adults heading there and saw the band at the bar.
From what I had heard and read it was supposed to start at 4pm and I was there at 3:30. There were band warming up noises coming from the south, beach end but no action as yet.
With all my cat pictures I thought I had better post one of a dog.
I took videos so will be posting a combination of still and moving pictures in this post.

While waiting I wandered the harbour. The Llauts do a gentle little dance to the waves.

The harbour front began to fill up. People milling around or, like at any parade, staking out their viewing positions
Many of the children watching were dressed up too. It reminded me of Halloween; so excited about the fancy costume and then having to cover it with a winter coat and gloves.
After the motorcycle cop, clearing the way, came a band.

There was a lot of enthusiastic dancing
and some intensely
serious participants.

Of course there was men dressed as women, followed by their band (the one that had been in the bar before)

I remember this from the Carnivals in Ceret, France, there was always a contingent of men dressed as women and the last float was a political one.

The parade made its way out onto the main wharf. The floats couldn't get out there so everyone got off and the noise and dancing continued.

There was a stage set up and prizes were awarded. I don't think the police girls won anything, they look bored.
It was all over by about 6:30 and I headed home. I could hear that the party was continuing, bands and general sounds of revelry floated up from the bay. It was, after all, Saturday night.

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