Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - fewer steps

Rain in the forecast again and sore legs so I just walked around the town.
I am across the street from the football field. Not as interesting as looking over the harbour but still lots going on: Football practices for all ages, a jogging track, groups use it for bocce ball and there is a playground too.
I walked up the road that passes the houses that overlook my place, the road that I will take when I walk up to the Torre (not today)
There are some beautiful homes up there with views over the bay and over the football field.

These look like some kind of succulent. I was tempted to buy some potted plants at the market, for the terrace, but know from last year that the temperatures can drop at night and kill them. I passed one of the apartments that Eve and I looked at last year and a new house was being built next door. It would have been noisy.
Down from the hill and the sun had come out so I walked around the harbour. Love the name of this one,
the graphic on this one
and I'm curious
about this one.

When I saw this I hoped that it was just an unusual way to work on the hull
but no, it had definitely fallen over. That's major work on the hull now!
Many of the restaurants along the harbour were closed, or at least not using their harbour side seating areas, and the cats had taken over. "Table for two?"

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