Thursday, 22 February 2018

Barcelona, Spain - market and home

When Eve and I checked our flight details we discovered that our flight to Mallorca left earlier than we thought so we didn't have much time on Monday morning.
We went over to the Boqueria Market which was just on the other side of Las Ramblas from our hotel.
The selection of fresh fruit and vegetables was amazing

and artistically displayed.
These are fresh fruit popsicles and ice cream macaroons. There were also stalls of dried fruit and nuts, "take away" cups of cut fruit and juices, chocolate and candy stores, butchers and fish mongers.
Its a pity we didn't have more time there, to have breakfast. These strawberries looked like someone had actually polished them.
We got a taxi to the airport and, after standing in numerous lines to get my seat sorted out, had breakfast in the terminal. The flight from Barcelona is 50min long and most of that time is taken up with taxiing in and out on the runways not in the air. Pierre, our taxi driver, picked us up and we were home by 2. Nic and Dave had waited to have lunch with us so we walked down onto the waterfront and ate at Pizzeria El Port (it doesn't just serve pizza) where we chatted, ate and drank until realizing there were no other customers and the wait staff were eating their meals.
The restaurant was closed until reopening for dinner.

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