Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Port de Soller, Mallorca, Spain - Eve's last day

Hard to believe but we actually saw sun for 2 days in a row although the Sunday had a fair amount of cloud around too. No rain though!
After a leisurely breakfast we headed off around the bay
The one on the right is a Mallard but I couldn't find the one on the left in any of the duck or goose id websites. I did discover, here's some trivia for you, that Muskovy Ducks (there are some here) and Mallards can cross breed. The result is a Moullard and pictures on the net look a lot like this one.
Eve sporting her Jackie O look.
We walked up past the lighthouse and had a coffee at the refugi. As it was a nice day there were lots of walkers and people picnicking. Even a BBQ going.
There were a fair number of dogs and also 2 ferrets being allowed to explore while on leashes.
Rather cute. Eve inquired of their owners and found out that they were crated overnight but had run of the house during the day. Litter trained like a cat.
We walked back down the road
awed by the views that the houses,
that are on it, get.
But the winter winds off the Med. would be brutal.
Passed Zorro lying in the middle of the road enjoying the sun and the warm tarmac.
We had lunch outside ( next to a propane heater) at a restaurant that hadn't existed last year (Brisas del Mar)
and admired the pop of colour that an orange in a glass gives as a table centre.
It was billed as a "Mediterranean" restaurant; Eve had paella and I had moussaka.
Eve's taxi (not Pierre this time) picked her up at 4 and she stayed in Palma, close to the airport, before heading back to Canada the next day.

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